Recovery Coach – Reintegration Part 1
What is reintegration? 
“Reintegration is the slow process of assimilating the recovering addict back into society, functioning in a healthy way without the use of their addiction as a crutch or coping mechanism.”Why is it important?
“As rehabilitation is the theory element to recovery, reintegration is the practical application of this theory. This is where the rubber hits the road and in my opinion it is the more crucial of the two stages.  Without effective reintegration the recovering addict has a minimal chance of healthy recovery and will quickly relapse.”
Who qualifies?
“Anybody who has a dependency problem and has completed some form of rehabilitation, counseling or outpatient program would be eligible.”What are the dangers?
“The obvious dangers of failing to reintegrate effectively are relapse, jail, overdose, death, hurt to family and friends and self-mutilation. The emotional effects are damaging as well because now the addict must once again try to achieve sobriety which according to all addicts is much harder the next time around. This could leave the person with a negative self-image, resentment, anger and a steady decline in their ability to achieve sobriety.”Process of relapse:
“Addiction is a behavioral problem and relapse begins and progresses through a series of behavioural “relapses”. Through the course of addiction the addict has built up certain patterns of behavior which reinforced the addiction process. During rehabilitation however these patterns are addressed and the addict becomes aware of the behavior warning signs (e.g. manipulation) and stops acting them out. Relapse occurs when the addict fails to be aware of or fails to stop a series of behaviours taking place which ultimately leads to relapse.”

Timothy King

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