How fathers affect the family dynamic?

To start off with this is a broad and wonderful topic, much has been written from every angle and from many different people. Today I’m going to share with why I believe fathers are such a pivotal part of the family dynamic as a whole, their very specifically designed roles and why fathers are must be fathers!

I am a coach, a husband as well as a son, but not yet a father. I know this might disqualify me from giving an all-round experience of fatherhood but I’m also a son who never really had a father. My dad was there until I was 5 then my parents divorced and my dad moved on. He always contributed to our financial needs and I remember some good times with him, they were few but they were there and I’m thankful for them.

As I’ve grown up to be the man I am I feel like my man-education has been somewhat stunted. How do you be a man, I’ve often asked myself? What does a real man look like? How should I work with my money, invest? How do I use a drill? These are questions a father should be answering his son by example and conversation. Who teaches men to be men? A father should be. A father passes on masculinity to his son.

It’s often been said that a father is a daughter’s first love, her hero. She models her love on the man her father is. Does he has time for her? Does he treat her like a princess? Does he tell her she is beautiful? A father passes on femininity to his daughter.

A father is also a husband. How he treats, loves, respects and cherishes his wife is how his children will too. They will learn from this dynamic and presume that this is how marriage and life are done. Parents are the example children follow, either there is a healthy family dynamic or there is not.

How many of you fathers, husbands and sons are giving of your love and time to those who look to you to set the example of how to cherish this life God has given us? To treat our wives as though she were the jewel encrusted apple of your eye. To pass masculinity, courage and virtue to your sons and femininity, self-worth and goodness to your daughters?

There is a breakdown happening in the family dynamic and I truly believe fathers are at the heart of it. If we spend 16 hours at the office, care more about our prestige and image than our families, if we become emotionally detached from our kids an our wives and try to buy them off, we are lost and your family will become another statistic. A broken home almost guaranteed to perpetuate another broken home.

Husbands, fathers and sons have a responsibility to shepherd, guide and lead well those given into their care. It is a sacred role and only you can fulfil it.

Timothy King

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