Who’s the BOSS anyway?

This post is those people out there struggling to see their dreams again. Some of you have achieved it all. Some of you have let yourselves down. So where to from here?

My suggestion? DREAM AGAIN!!!! But how you ask? How do I unpack my past, re evaluate my future, my goals and dreams? My suggestion? GET A COACH. Of course..
The problem with looking forward is that almost every time we do we are held back by our past. Past fears, past failures, past beliefs that tell us we can’t. This I’m happy to tell you is a lie. Fear is only the perception of what might happen, NOT the reality. It becomes a reality if you allow it to. My suggestion? Take responsibility for your tomorrow. Only then can we embrace a future which holds promise. Begin with a plan that looks to your future the way you would like it to be. Visualise making this dream happen. As a man thinks in his heart so does he become. Your thoughts, dreams, hopes and beliefs will shape and ultimately dictate who you become, so my friends start dreaming of a life where you are the BOSS!

Timothy King

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