Change is inevitable, are you prepared?

First let’s begin by being honest. Change is inevitable and generally it sucks! Most of us don’t react to change well. It disrupts us, it flusters us and generally makes us uncomfortable. Change is most of the time a reaction to an event that was out of our control to begin with. This of course makes the transition even more difficult.

If you were the one initiating the change you will most likely feel more in control of the process. If not though, say a death in the family or you are being transferred to a new department for instance your emotional response will be to feel out of control. Why is this? Simply put we all have psychological human needs, these needs when fulfilled help us to feel content and balanced. When a need is not being met we feel disorientated and out of balance. One of our human needs is the need for “Certainty”. Certainty is essential for our desire to see that our world is balanced, controlled, and not chaotic.  This need is balanced out by our need for “Variety” or challenge. When we get bored with too much certainty we require a little variety or to be challenged in some way. When we are faced with change which is out of our control our need for certainty kicks in in order to restore the balance.
So now that you understand why change can be upsetting, what can we do within that change to keep a sense of balance and certainty?

  1. Keep your routine as much as possible or establish a new routine and stick to it!
  2. Talk to someone about the change you are going through, this could be a friend, colleague, coach or your therapist. Do not bottle up your emotion.
  3. Exercise. Gyming or even simply walking releases the feel good hormones Dopamine and Serotonin. You need these hormones especially now!
  4. Don’t go out and start living in excess. This will only have a ripple effect on the problems you may already be facing. Blow off a little steam sure but watch it!
  5. Watch your personal hygiene. This may sound strange but looking after ourselves is psychologically important to our overall wellbeing.

So there you have it, 5 simple ways to cope with change. You’re welcome..


Timothy King

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