My (reluctant) Admission of Guilt…

At the beginning of this year I promised myself I would take regular holidays, not skip winter training, make sure I would see my own coach or supervisor at least once a month and that didn’t happen. I fooled myself into thinking I could handle it, I was helping my clients, doing the right thing!

Hopefully I am not committing professional suicide here but hey if your coach can’t be honest with you, who will be?

Now I truly believe that I have given my clients my everything, regardless of whether I am tired, emotionally drained or mentally exhausted. The rub here is that you cant sustain that kind of stress. Once I saw the signs in black and white I realised I was burnt out and had to do something about it, stat.

Burn out is characterised by these physical & behavioural signs:
1. Feeling tired, drained most of the time.
2. Lowered immunity, feeling sick a lot.
3. Frequent headaches, back pain, muscle aches.
4. Change in appetite, sleeping patterns.
5. Withdrawing from responsibilities.
6. Isolating yourself from others.
7. Procrastinating
8. Using food, drugs or alcohol to cope.
9. Taking frustration out on others.
10.Skipping work or leaving early.

​Can you consider what effect this has on your relationships, work productivity etc?

So what have I done to change this? These simple steps anybody can and should do to keep physically, mentally and spiritually well.
1. Practise personal restoration, get some therapy, coaching or just speak to somebody about your struggles. Get proper sleep, exercise, meditate, go to church and spend time relaxing with people.
2. Get a hobby, something that relaxes you and allows you to do something you love.
3. Take the time off that you need, public holidays, weekends etc. You need this to relax!
4. Take daily breaks from technology, you don’t have to check your phone and email all the time!!!

I hope this helps, I know by implementing these simple truths again in my life I am already feeling more balanced and content.

Timothy King

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