“Where has your dream gone to?”

My friend proceeded to ask me about my life and how things were going for me, we eventually started to talk about what we both wanted out of life. He asked me “what are your dreams?”

As I sat there this realisation hit me, I had forgotten my dreams. I had become so caught up in helping others “dream again” that I had become the person that had accepted a mediocre life, after all I had my own business and was doing relatively well, wasn’t I? And here it is, I realised I had become used to just going month to month, paying the bills, accepting my confined reality and forgetting that the reason I was working and had started my business was so that I could enjoy financial freedom, time to spend with my wife and when we have kids time to spend with them too. I realised that I had given up on this dream by not having a goal and dream to put this in place.

Of course I did not share this immediately with my friend! I couldn’t believe it myself. Subsequently I believe I have found a way to follow my dreams again, to stretch and challenge myself to dream again and to not merely accept my life but to LEAD it.

My question to you is, have you forgotten or given up on your dreams? Are you accepting mediocrity when you know you are destined for greatness? If so give me a call, lets sit down for a coffee or book a session so I can share with you my story and plan your way to personal freedom.

Timothy King

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