What is your WHY?

I believe I have a purpose to be a change facilitator, this central purpose in my own life has taken on many forms in recent years but the theme has stayed the same. I have found meaning to my existence, something I never had before rehabilitation and an encounter with Jesus Christ. I sought out meaning and validation in people, drugs, dysfunctional relationships, money and careers that made no lasting contribution or had any meaning to me. I was leading a life of quite desperation and almost landed up in the grave too!

To quote the bible “what good is it if a man gains the whole world but loses his own soul?” We can gain many things in this world but meaning is not something you can buy, that is a personal journey. It took me at least 30 years to understand who I am and to realise that I do have a why, and to build my life around this central truth. I wish it had not taken me this long but then again maybe if I had not gone through what I did I might lived this life of quite desperation I believe many live.

I implore you to search out your why? Search for meaning and build your life around this. Once you understand this growth and contribution our two highest psychological human needs will kick in and purpose will naturally follow as a byproduct of meaning, growth and contribution. An excellent want to try this is by learning to serve others instead of merely looking out for ourselves. Try it in your personal and business life you will be surprised!

Timothy King

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