Whose life is it anyway?

Right then the reason I chose this title is the first point of my blog and that is the trap of comparison. Comparison and dare I say greed seems to be everywhere and it is a trap. Comparison says what you have is not good enough compared to what someone else has. We have no idea what that person has done to get what you think you should have and half the time you probably don’t want to know anyway. Comparison also has the devastating effect of making us ungrateful. All of a sudden that thing we treasured and found joy in is not satisfying anymore, we become ungrateful. Marketing agencies use this trick on us all the time to make us believe that what we have isn’t good enough and we deserve better! Entitlement is the next phase of this trap, “I should have this even if I do not really do what I have to to get it”. Unfortunately we are seeing so much of this in our country at the moment. Now please don’t get me wrong here, striving to have a good or better life is good. Live your life though and not someone else’s.

Next is slow down!! Be present. We only have a life, just one with a limited time to be present and to appreciate it. I struggle with this as my mind is regularly on something else, trying to strategize or plan the most effective way ahead. The result of this is that we miss what we already have and can enjoy. I am talking about our partners, children, that pet who is so excited to see you when you get home; the simple pleasures. There are many more, can you see them?

Finally procrastination. Not taking responsibility, allowing our circumstances to control us. Blaming the economy. Making excuses. All of the the above are a result of us not taking action but allowing blaming, justifications and fear to control us. Now here is what I have found in myself and my experience coaching. You ready for this? There is no secret to why you are not getting ahead, the simple truth is that we don’t take action to change. We want results without the effort it takes to change, adapt and grow through our challenges. Simple as that.

Its my life, its your life and it is the only one we have. Go ahead and live your dreams!

Timothy King

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