I Guarantee VALUE Coaching and if not, you get your money back!”

You might be asking yourself, how can he make this claim? Simple. Your session costs R600.00, we assess your needs and suitability for coaching. Should you like what you hear we schedule your next appointment, if not I will refund your session fee and I can refer you to another great coach. You cannot lose here!

Now say you choose to invest in the New Insights Personal Development course, I offer each of my clients a 110% money back guarantee for this course. If you feel at the end of the coaching program that you have not learned the tools and techniques to lead your life more effectively I will gladly refund you the total cost of your program plus 10% extra for your time. You cannot lose here either!!

And if you choose Free Form Coaching or Skype Coaching you can at any time cancel your session should you find you are not satisfied with the value of the sessions you are receiving, I will then gladly refund you the cost of your session. You still cannot lose!!!

You see choosing to see me as a coach is a guaranteed value backed decision!