Pursuing the DREAM!

This has been a great month! That said it has also been a steep learning curve. Yanking yourself out of your comfort zone just after the holidays has been an experience, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right? So here is what I have learnt so far..

My greatest struggle so far has been fear. Fear of trying something new, fear that I wouldn’t have the time or fortitude to push through. Fear that I would fail. Fear is my greatest enemy, albeit be irrational it is still there. What I found though is that the more I face up to that fear the less of an obstacle it becomes. In moments of weakness and the inevitable bad day that fear pounces on me but I must dominate it.

What has pushed me through? The WHY. Why must I achieve this dream? Why is failure not an option? If I fail what will my life look like and will I look back with regret? I have too many regrets. As long as I keep this fresh in my mind the pain of not achieving my dream is greater than my fear. The WHY is paramount.

These have been the two major driving factors, the journey continues. My hope for you is that you pursue your dream with passion and never give in to yourself, a life of meaning and purpose is just around the corner!

Timothy King

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